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Noise Restrictions at Your Venue

Booking your dream venue is one of the most important parts of the build up to your wedding, but have you thought about how this might affect live music later in the evening?

Our reason for this post is to make you aware of some potential problems with live music at your venue - problems which your venue may not have told you about before you paid your deposit!

Some venues install noise limiters to keep control of the volume when it comes to the evening party - this is usually to prevent complaints from neighbours that may subsequently affect their licenses at the venue if problems noise keep occurring. If live music is important to you, then it's crucial to ask some questions before booking your venue.

What you need to know...

- Does the venue have any noise restrictions at all?

- Does the venue use a sound limiter and if so, how is this measured? (Some venues use a handheld decibel reader and prefer to communicate with the band if things are too loud, however some venues use an inbuilt traffic light system which shuts off the power to the whole room if the band gets too loud. Although, these can often be too sensitive, meaning singing guests can sometimes trip this).

- Does the venue have it's own sound system that the band is required to run through.

If your venue is in a built up area then there may be restrictions from the council to be aware of such as early curfews for live music.

It is crucial to ask your venue these questions booking so that the party isn't affected in the evening. If all this seems daunting to you, then don't worry - our team of experts will happily talk to your venue on your behalf to determine the situation.

Thank you for reading!

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